Steps to Ownership

Let’s See if We’re A Good Fit

Remember that confidential inquiry form we told you about? This is when you fill it out. After submitting the quick form our team will contact you by phone or email.

Establishing the Relationship

We want to make sure it’s the right decision for both parties. So we’ll talk business, share some details, some laughs, our passions, and all the Features & Benefits of owning a Wee Little Arts business.

Understanding the Fine Print

Together we’ll go over in detail the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Documents of Wee Little Arts, giving you a complete understanding of the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Visiting for Discovery Day

While you are not obligated to do so, this is an opportunity to pack a bag and visit the Wee Little Arts headquarters in beautiful, historic Charleston, South Carolina. We’ll have a chance to get to know each other and meet face to face. You’ll see the program firsthand and get an accurate sense of the day to day classroom environments while spending time with Melissa and her team. You will be shown the depth of our proprietary curriculum, methodologies, logistics, features and benefits of operating this rewarding business. Not to mention you’ll see the #1 destination for tourist in the world. We would love to show you around!

Making the “Big Decision”

This is when both parties sign the Franchise Agreement and begin making magic and dreams come true. After receiving funding we schedule individual training, produce your customized marketing materials and get you set up for launch in your protected territory. This Process can all be done within a month’s time!

Making Dreams Come True

Once training is complete you will be awarded the opportunity and may begin growing your business. Wee Little Arts is committed to training, supporting and assisting its owners through ongoing access to training materials, videos, workshops, marketing materials and professional services to help you make the greatest impact in your exclusive territory. We’ll be with you every step of the way. After all, the more successful you are, the more children we will positively impact through our premiere art education program.


Ready to Invest?

For over a decade, Wee Little Arts has been fostering and nurturing the creative voices of children. Voices that are being silenced in our nation’s schools as budgets are slashed and programs cancelled. Our highly acclaimed supplemental program stimulates imagination, encourages self-confidence while having fun, and develops skills that have been proven to benefit future academic performance and personal endeavor.

Initial Franchise Investment

Type of Expenditure

Method of Payment

When Due

Payment To


Initial Franchise Fee

Lump Sum

After our Pre-Opening Obligation

Wee Little Arts


Travel & Living Expenses while Training

As Incurred

During Training

Airlines, Hotels, & Restaurants


Leasehold Improvements

As Incurred

Before Opening

Local Vendors


Furniture & Equipment

As Incurred

Before Opening

Local Vendors


Initial Inventory

As Incurred

Before Opening


No Charge

Initial Promotion

As Incurred

Before Opening



Miscellaneous Opening Costs

As Incurred

Before Opening



Additional Funds

As Incurred

During the initial 3-month period




$24,900 to $35,440

A Day in the Life

Each week day, I schedule classes according to my availability, as well as the school’s availability. Typically, my day (classes) may start at 9AM, but generally I begin “after” school, around 11:30AM. None of my classes go later than 4:00PM. On the days that I’m able to schedule morning classes, I teach the most classes, many back-to-back. Tuesdays and Fridays, I teach 6 classes. That may only be at two schools, so hardly any travel, just a great client base. On my breaks, in between classes, I run home, may walk the dog, grab lunch, tie up lose ends, etc. Other days, I enjoy a great lunch in historic downtown Charleston :-). During my mornings that are open, I’m able to catch up on the “business” side of things, exercise and prepare for weekly classes. There is very little bookkeeping as we have developed a system that takes care of that for the Franchisee. During my 16 years of teaching Wee Little Arts, I have never felt like I “had to go to work”. It is a pure joy, daily, to work with the kids and receive amazing feedback from parents, directors and other professionals. We are changing the face of art education in early childhood education and it is extremely full-filling to be a part of it all.