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  • Charleston, SC

Why Choose Us

  • The Franchisor continues to teach full time in the classroom. In turn, all curriculum that is developed and is constantly being developed/tweaked is tested weekly with Melissa Bradshaw and her 20+ years experience in the art classroom, as well as receiving awards for her teaching and development of Wee Little Arts.
  • Well thought-out, age appropriate curriculum. Children are exposed to art history and age appropriate children’s literature throughout the year, all the while learning about visual art concepts and mediums. Standards are high, learning is lots and fun is to be had.
  • We do not water down the curriculum by trying to teach 0-100 year olds. Our focus is solely on preschool, children with disabilities and moving into early elementary years.
  • Our franchisees are exceptional, smart, passionate individuals. Two owners bought WLA after their children went through the program.
    The program is very well packaged and buyers receive ongoing support from our team, to include Founder Melissa Bradshaw.
  • There is nothing more rewarding than what we do everyday. Not only are our artists thriving, but the testimonials from parents, directors, teachers are always beyond positive. Where else can you work, daily, and be pumped up…even after years of teaching?!
  • Very little turnover and extremely professional relationships with our clients.
  • Children that go through the program have continued on with the arts, winning awards and making it a regular part of their lives.

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