Voices that are being silenced in our nation’s schools as budgets are slashed and programs cancelled. Our highly acclaimed supplemental program stimulates imagination, encourages self-confidence while having fun, and develops skills that have been proven to benefit future academic performance and personal endeavor. For over a decade, Wee Little Arts has been fostering and nurturing the creative voices of children.

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The Franchise

We are actively seeking passionate professional franchisees to partner with us in delivering this superior experience to children and parents all over the United States. Wee Little Arts classes are offered in schools, libraries, community centers and other convenient locations, freeing franchise partners from the responsibility of securing and maintaining a commercial space. Moreover, the Wee Little Arts model offers unparalleled flexibility for the owner to grow, adjust and meet life’s demands while operating a successful, independent business. “No other business even comes close to the personal rewards, margin, and fantastic schedule as being an owner operator.”

A Glimpse of Wee



    “I embarked on the incredibly rewarding journey of being a small business owner five years ago. I am a physician. At the time I felt the need to expand my activities in other industries. I picked Wee Little Arts because it effectively combined two fields I am deeply passionate about: education and arts. I felt that the curriculum that Melissa Bradshaw provided and her preschool art teaching approach was truly innovative. I also felt that in order to develop as a small business owner, the new skills that I constantly had to learn in order to run the business could not be taught by any manuals or other type of courses. I had to “jump in” and learn by doing. Purchasing a franchise was the easiest way for me to get introduced to this world. The WLA product was great and as a result the business continues to grow every year.”

  • Marie Johnson

    “If you love children and want to make a difference in their lives and at the same time have a rewarding career WLA is your answer. From the moment you meet with Melissa and feel her energy and passion for WLA you realize you have found something very special. ”

  • Aimée Valiquette

    “I will never forget the first week of working for WLA. Driving home after finishing a class, I felt such a joy I had not known at any other occupation. Melissa is a delight to work with! Not only has she provided the teachers with all the support and tools they need to create a successful classroom experience, she is always at the ready to encourage and help in any way possible. It is amazing to watch the progress of the students in her program–they are discovering how art can enrich, something that they can enjoy for a lifetime!”

The Founder

Melissa Bradshaw, an experienced elementary teacher with a degree in Arts Education, developed Wee Little Arts in response to a need she saw as a teacher for early childhood arts education.


Melissa realized that the students in her elementary school classrooms had been under-served in the development of fine motor skills, critical thinking skills and creativity that early art education encourages.


Wee Little Arts is a process-oriented approach to preschool arts education that has been overwhelmingly successful in engaging and empowering children by helping them discover the creative process. Wee Little Arts is a method of releasing the natural creativity of young children through the use of mixed-media, drawing, painting and three dimensions.